Please be advised that effective Jan 1, 2015, many State Medicaid plans are being changed. As a courtesy to our patients, we sent a letter to them alerting them of the change. The following are excerpts of the letter.

We wanted to inform you of recent changes to your insurance plan.

It is very likely that your insurance will be changing to a plan we do not participate in (some examples include: HMO Medicaid, Meridian, County Care, Family Health Network).

Up until the effective date, we will continue to see you but after your insurance changes on the date noted above, you will need to call the number on your insurance card to review your options with a Medicaid representative. If you would like to remain with Dr Brown, Gorla or Breunig, you can continue with them through the Rush Eye Center, which is separate from our office. Please call 312-942-5315 for more information and verification they take your insurance.

We are alerting you now to provide you ample time to assist in your transference of care.

Chicago Glaucoma Consultants Billing Department