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Flashes and floaters affect your field of vision and can become very distracting. If you regularly see dots, circles, flashing lights, or other types of images, contact Chicago Glaucoma Consultants - CGC Eye Center, located in Glenview and Chicago, Illinois. The board-certified team of ophthalmologists provides comprehensive diagnostic testing and helps you select the most effective treatment solution. You can book your evaluation through the website or you can call the office nearest you to schedule your flashes and floaters eye exam today.

Flashes and Floaters Q & A

What causes flashes and floaters?

Having flashes and floaters in your field of vision is a common issue as you get older. Usually, floaters occur because of tiny clusters of cells or small flecks of protein that get stuck in your vitreous, the gel-like material that supports about two-thirds of your rear eye structure. The floaters you see are shadows that are cast onto your retina. Flashes come from the vitreous rubbing against or tugging on your retina.

Because your vitreous shrinks and becomes more stringy as you age, especially after age 60, the strands enhance issues with shadows, making you see more floaters and flashes of light that flicker and disrupt your vision. Your risk of struggling with flashes and floaters increases due to:

  • Having a retinal tear
  • Being very nearsighted
  • Eye inflammation (uveitis)
  • Intraocular eye surgery

If you’re a migraine sufferer, you may also see flashing lights or heat waves in one or both eyes. These flashes may be associated with blood vessel spasms in your brain that occur during migraine attacks.

When should I see a doctor for flashes and floaters?

Chicago Glaucoma Consultants - CGC Eye Center is home to leading ophthalmologists who understand how disruptive flashes and floaters can become. While most flashes and floaters are harmless, in some cases, concerning issues may be occurring. Because of this, it’s important to come to any clinic if you experience:

  • Sudden showers of floaters or one large floater
  • Persistent flashes of light
  • Central vision loss
  • Shaded vision

Because they move when your eyes move, flashes and floaters seem to zoom away anytime you look right at them. Floaters may slowly drift away when you stop moving your eyes. If any of these symptoms are affecting you, Chicago Glaucoma Consultants - CGC Eye Center can help. 

How are flashes and floaters treated?

After examining you and talking with you about your symptoms, your ophthalmologist may order additional screenings, such as an ultrasound of your eye, to get to the root of why you experience flashes and floaters. Depending on the underlying cause, your eye treatment plan may include laser surgery or freezing therapy to correct retinal tears.

In some cases though, flashes and floaters resolve on their own over time. Your doctor at Chicago Glaucoma Consultants - CGC Eye Center can teach you eye movements you can perform to minimize issues with visual disturbances. 

Click on the online scheduling feature to book your flashes and floaters eye exam at Chicago Glaucoma Consultants - CGC Eye Center today. You can also call any office to speak with a team member.